Packing tips before moving day

We do know that the moving process is a complicated and stressful event when it comes to organising. However, we are here to help you out with some tips.

Room’s Labelling:

Required items: Marker Pen

When you move, you have to plan and take in consideration how you will distribute the contents from the old to the new place. This step is quite important as it will make it more simple and quick for the removals men.

Try labelling each box with the room of destination label - for example, Bedroom 1 or B1

Furniture Dismantling:

Is your room full of contents and you can’t figure it out how to decluster it to make some working space to dismantle your furniture?

First, pack up all the small contents into the boxes and then nicely group them in one of the room’s corner. Then you will have space to dismantle your furniture item nicely.

Usually, the items required for dismantling are Frame Beds (all kind of them), Baby cots, Double and Triple wardrobes, Futon’s, Large Sofa beds (take the metal frame out), Large Desks.

Mattress packing:

Required items: Mattress Plastic Covers

How should I pack my mattress? A common question that we receive from our customers.

Identify the size of the mattress and then buy an adequate mattress plastic cover.

Mattress Covers Universal Size’s: Super King Size, Double Mattress and Single Mattress Covers

Mattress Covers


Loft Contents:

Try to empty the loft contents before the moving day, as most of the removals companies are not allowed and insured to go up into the loft.

It may also be an excellent opportunity to chuck away some of the unwanted belongings that you are not using it anymore.

What type of box to use for a specific item:

We prefer to pack up in three types of boxes:

Standard-Sized Box 18” X 12” X 12” - suggested items: Books, Files, CD’s & DVD’s, small, fragile ornaments, toiletries and personal care products, Vinyls Records, Weights, Cutlery and all heavy or fragile small and medium-sized objects.

Large-Sized Box 18” X 18” x 18” -  suggested items: Clothing, Bedding, Lamps and Lampshades, Board Games, Shoes, Crockery, Dinnerware, Kitchenware, Towels, Small electrical goods, Small electrical appliances, large ornaments

Wardrobe Box 20” X 18” x 48” - suggested items: about 25 items per box or 15 Jackets and Coats per box - you can use the bottom of the box to storage empty hangers or tall items.

Fragile items wrapping:

For glassware and crockery, please use news offcut paper: plates, mugs, glasses, china, small breakable ornaments

For electrical and small appliances, please use bubble wrap.

Sofas and armchairs protection:

Plastic sofa covers security for the  3 & 2 Seater sofa and armchair (also suitable for corner sofa’s). The plastic covers are designed to protect your sofas from damp and dirt throughout transportation or storage.

Sofa covers built from strong polythene sheets and need pulling over and securing over your sofa.

Sofa Covers

The TV and other screens protection:

Are you worried about your Flat TV or Flat Screen?

We provide high quality double corrugated cardboard boxes to protect your TV or Screen. All sizes covered from 32” to 60”. We do advise to use some bubble wrap for the TV or Screen before you place it in the TV box.

These boxes are also suitable for large picture frames to store and pack.